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About OMI

About OMI

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OMI is the core brand of Fujian Oumi Investment Co., Ltd. It was founded in 1995 in the beautiful Ludao-Xiamen. It mainly produces and sells fashionable luggage products, and has developed into a mature fashion integrating design, operation and sales. Luggage retail brand. OMI Omi is rising at an alarming rate in the fashion luggage industry. In 2015, it ranks among the well-known Chinese luggage brands, with nearly 800 chain stores all over the country. OMI Omi's design concept is derived from the Italian classic brand fashion style, romantic and elegant coexistence, simple and fashion accompanied, carefully created a story handbag for urban white-collar ladies. OMI is synonymous with elegance, classics and vitality. It has OMI and has a beautiful and intoxicating beauty.
OMI Omi handbags reflect the fashion culture trend of urban white-collar workers, pursue high-quality cultural life and optimistic and healthy attitude towards life, advocating fashion trends, and paying attention to spiritual life and artistic aesthetics.
OMI Omi has always focused on creating the perfect fashion handbag for you. For this reason, Omi has devoted all his efforts and wisdom to creating the most beautiful handbag brand with originality and precision design, efficient and complete after-sales.