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OMI Joining condition



1. I agree with OMI Omi's management and management model, and are interested in joining OMI Omi's franchise chain management system, and agree with the essence of OMI Omi brand operation and the concept of franchise.
2, with more than one year of luggage leather goods brand operating experience and management capabilities, have a good background and social relations in the local.
3, there is sufficient economic and operational capacity.
4, have a certain understanding of women's fashion luggage in the domestic and local markets, must cooperate with and accept the management and supervision of the headquarters.
5. Stores or urban complexes, SHOPPING MALLs, shopping malls, shopping mall counters (rented or owned) in the most prosperous commercial sections of the local area. The store has a usable area of ​​80 square meters or more, the best area of ​​the shop is 100-120 square meters, and the store counter has a practical area of ​​70 square meters or more.
6, joining form: single store to join;
Initial fee: none;
Contract Margin: 10,000 yuan in RMB, no longer cooperated after the expiration of the contract, no interest return;
Shelf policy: 50% shelf deposit is paid in advance and returned once in two years.
7, the choice of specific shops or counters must be confirmed by the Omega headquarters.